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Top Cafes to work from in Glasgow

A growing number of people are self employed these days, According to a 2016 report by Co-Operatives UK, 15% of the British workforce are now freelancers, and it is predicted that by 2020, that number is due to rise to 50%.

There are ups and downs to freelancing but probably the biggest challenge is staying disciplined enough to work from home without falling into watching countless episodes of Ru Paul's Drag Race, or suddenly realising there are endless tasks that need done around the house… “Is that door squeaking? I’ll go out and get some WD-40”.

Consequently, work-friendly cafes are in great demand…unlimited, fast wifi, ample tables, lots of power sockets, good food and excellent coffee make freelancers extremely happy….cafe owners, maybe not so much. So here are a few places in Glasgow which are a pleasure to work from…


Kelvingrove Cafe in Finnieston has plenty of tables, lots of accessible plug points, fast wifi and a good mix of tasty small plates to munch on while you work. (The buttermilk fried chicken slider is a must!) The staff are super friendly too which helps, as they’re not eyeing you up willing you to leave!



You can usually get a table in this bustling coffee house on Gibson Street, in Glasgow's West End, even if it means sharing one. Artisan Roast is clearly a favourite hangout for freelancers as everyone in there appears to be nursing a flat white and one of their fab cakes whilst staring at their MacBooks, eyes darting over the top every time someone new walks in. It doesn’t get too noisy so its pretty easy to concentrate, especially if you get a table upstairs. Although, its all too easy to find yourself people-watching instead of working! It does get busy though so its just good manners not to hog a table for hours on end.



Nonya is new to the Glasgow scene and its already a favourite with West Enders. Serving incredible and authentic Thai, Malay and Chinese dishes, you will have plenty of brain food to keep you fuelled. The space itself is stylish without being pretentious, they have fast wifi and accessible power sockets and in between busy times it has a pleasant calm feel to it. Obviously if people start queuing for tables, don't be a dick...leave! There is a room at the back that's usually quiet , so that would be your best bet. Situated on Claremont Street, near Finnieston



The Glad Cafe in Shawlands, in the South Side of the city is spacious, has lots of tables, great wifi and very friendly staff who leave you alone…bliss! They also have a fantastic menu to keep you fuelled throughout your working day, as well as a terrific selection of cakes (both regular and gluten free) for that 4pm pick-me-up.



Another newcomer to Glasgow, Five March is located on Elderslie Street near Kelvingrove Park, and has ample tables, super fast wifi, very friendly staff and a terrific menu of tasty Meditterenean small plates to keep you going throughout the day. If you fancy staying on after you've wrapped up, they have a great cocktail menu too.


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