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Mesa opens in Glasgow's East End

As big fans of Cafe Strange Brew in Shawlands, we were delighted when owner Laurie mentioned she was opening a sister restaurant in Dennistoun with her chef at Cafe Strange Brew, Andrea Bartolini. A few months later, after watching it all coming together on instagram, Mesa opened on 19th February.

With a similar focus on breakfast, brunch, lunch and great coffee, our instagram feeds were instantly flooded with beautiful shots of poached eggs, figs & ricotta on toast and huge Japanese-style pancakes, as the foodies of Glasgow swarmed to their new brunch joint.

The exterior has been painted a gorgeous sage green, with original signage on the Armadale Street side.

The interior is bright and cosy, with bare brick walls, school chairs and Tom Waits overseeing proceedings.

Over coffee - Ovenbird Coffee Roasters have blended Ethiopian, Dominican Republic and El Salvador to come up with the 'Mesa Blend' - we took in the menu which is split into sections...Rolls | Stuff on Toast | Two Egg Skillets | Sandwiches | Pancakes.

We went for the Two Egg Skillet with Wild Mushrooms, Gorgonzola, Spinach & Cream and the Grilled Halloumi, fried egg, avocado sandwich with harissa mayo and spring onions.

The Two Egg Skillet was heaven...in a skillet! Creamy and indulgent, without being too rich. A beautiful selection of meaty, earthy wild mushrooms earthy, perfectly poached eggs and just the right amount of sharp Gorgonzola, which cut through the creaminess, scooped up with chewy Freedom Bakery sourdough.

And a mountain of a sandwich with thick wedges of that same chewy sourdough, grilled halloumi, runny egg and creamy avocado, given a kick up the bum with that harissa mayo.

And, because we're greedy, and we kept seeing these incredible plates of pancakes piled high flying out the kitchen, we finished off with the Japanese-style fluffy Pancakes with Malabi (Middle Eastern style panna cotta), sweet dukkah and orange blossom with poached pears and figs.

Portions are big at Mesa and if we're honest, we over-ordered! Eyes bigger than the belly syndrome! This is three desserts on one plate. The panna cotta had a subtle rose syrup taste to it, the pear and figs were beautifully soft and sticky, the dukkah added a much needed crunch while the pancakes were soufflé-like.

Mesa is off to a very strong start and a terrific addition to Dennistoun's brunch scene. We can't wait to try more of the menu!

567 Duke Street, Glasgow, G31 1PY

Open every day, 9-5pm

0141 237 2040

Instagram: @mesa_glasgow

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